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A Lightening Bolt and Mo does his Bojo as they both do the double double at the Worlds
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes)..Congratulations Tokyo.  Can't wait to see the stadium

WB01395_.gif (262 bytes)wpe2A0.jpg (16115 bytes)and Nadal is back where he belongs

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edition: August-September 2013

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offer a unique consultancy service for international  organizations operating or planning to operate in markets where major events are planned. Shortsandsports offer logistics and strategic advice alongside specialist media expertise

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the best hit it off in Mexico? 

wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes) Is Washington a serious player in the hosting bidding wars? The city previously teamed up with nearby Baltimore, Maryland in a bid to become the US candidate for 2012 -- an honor that ultimately went to New York, which went on to lose the games to London. wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes) The head of the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI) said Rome may yet be in the running to host the 2024 Games.wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes) Dubai has ruled out a bid for the 2024 Olympics and Paralympics wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes) Pistorius is back in court in S. Africa but only for a few moments. Proceedings will continue in 2014 when the case will go to trial.  wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes) Coverage of the IAAF Worlds in Moscow were limited in the US due to their love of their summer seasonal sports. wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes) Tokyo 2024 claim over 90 percent support for hosting the Games wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes) Andy Murray berates the late scheduling of matches at the US Open. wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes) London Mayor, Boris Johnson signs up to the "Gold Standard" of disability sport. wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes) England Cricketer Michael Vaughan is lobbying for discounted event tickets when leading players are being rested. wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes) UEFA President, Michel Platini is looking to shorten the transfer window. wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes) Rio's Track and Field Olympic Stadium will stay. wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes) The World Cricket Committee have backed the Decision Review System (DRS). The great and the good of the sport have backed the decision. 'It isn't perfect but it works'. wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes) Asafa Powell believes that he is the scapegoat for the "supplements" saga which is putting a dark cloud over track events. wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes) Just a month before the start of the IAAF Worlds only 45,000 seats had been sold across the 10 day event. But when Russian athletes started to turn on the heat and win medals, the crowds went wild and the competition turned a corner and became a sell-out event.  fyi.   The legacy of Moscow's Luzhnike Olympic Stadium is one of the best examples of Olympic Stadia  still standing and delivering the goods. London can aim to aspire to maintain its venue legacy but will it stand the test of time?. wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes)The Sochi 2014 boycott (re. gay rights) is off... but will it rear its head during the upcoming Games? wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes) And should the TOP sponsors play a more active role in protesting against any discrimination? wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes) David Moyes will take over the role of Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United as the new manager of the club. wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes) David Beckham has joined forces with his mate Gordon Ramsey and opened a new restaurant, The Union Street Cafe in South London. Expect to get a booking?  No chance! wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes) Adam Scott is the first Australian to win the Masters. A great talent and worthy golf champion aged 32. wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes) A British poker champion gets a 20 year jail sentence for the murder of his wife in the USA sixteen years ago. Marcus Bebb-Jones lost his appeal against extradition from the US in 2011 when finally pleaded guilty.wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes) Following their success hosting the Eurovision Song Contest, Baku have claimed the first prize in the race to host the first European Games in 2015 with 17 sports on the programme. wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes) Arsenal FC posts a 15 million pound profit mainly thanks to player sales. wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes) The International Olympic Committee's executive board's decision to recommended wrestling for inclusion in the 2020 Olympic Games. It did not come as a big surprise. wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes) Justin Rose wins big. It's a Major!wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes) Glasgow unveils its vision for 2015 World Gymnastics Championships to include an estimated 500 gymnasts from 80 countries competing across ten days of world-class competition. wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes) Andy Murray and Tim Henman played an all-star doubles match at the Queens Tennis Club in London to raise money for The Royal Marsden Cancer hospital that is currently treating British Tennis player, Ross Hurchins. wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes) Tiger Woods claims his first Players Championship title in 12 years. wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes) Motor racing’s FIA World Touring Car Championship exceeded a worldwide cumulative audience reach of 500 million viewers for the first time during the 2012 season. wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes) Good news for elite women athletes as well as their fans as the BBC confirms more coverage of Women's sport. wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes) The Confederation Cup kicks offwpe73.jpg (6828 bytes) American Heavyweight, Tony Thompson claims that as doping in sport is so wide-spread that the only way to deal with the problem is to legalize drugs, thereby creating a level playing field. wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes) The West Indies Cricket Board has announced plans to launch a new franchise-based Twenty20. wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes) At last Wembley Stadium stands up to the competition with plans for a high-end retail centre to attract the "shopping" fans. wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes) Bobby Julich who quit Team Sky after admitting to taking drugs has joined BMC racing in his capacity as a Consultant.... presumably not advising on 'doping'!wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes) Team GB's Bronze medallist Jonathan Brownlee returns to form by winning his first triathlon world series race in Yokohama Japan after recovering from an ankle injury. wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes) Will Floyd Mayweather manage to compete in 5 fights over a 30 month period following his departure from the HBO pay-per-view stable for Showtime?  Sounds like a heavy-weight gig to me! wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes) Shortly after accepting the job of Coach for UK Athletics, the highly regarded Peter Eriksson made an about turn. He has decided to return to Sweden for Family reasons. Eriksson was the successful Head Coach of the London 2012 Paralympic team. wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes) Friends Life will not be renewing their sponsorship contract re. domestic Twenty20 cricket beyond 2013. wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes) After Frankie Detorri failed a drug test at Longchamp in September is their any elite sport left that is drug free? wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes) Catering company Compass - big in the sports industry corporate entertainment sector dished out 400 million pounds to investors after strong growth in N. America and a rise in pre-tax profits in the UK but the unsteady Euro could tip the balance between future profit and loss. wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes)  FIFA has announced the appointment of GoalControl as the official goal line technology (GLT) provider for the FIFA Confederations Cup 2013. wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes) Private equity firm CVC Capital Partners will cut its ownership stake in Formula One to around 30 percent following the company's IPO (Initial Public Offering). wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes) According to Forbes magazine boxer Floyd Mayweather has outstripped Tiger Woods in the earnings stakes. Mayweather comes in at 54.3 million pounds; boxer Manny Pacquiao takes second place at 39.6 million pounds; and Tiger Woods rolls in at third place with 37.9 million. wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes) The Special One is back at Chelsea FC. wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes) Despite a new rule which would limit the number of years any one person can hold the position of President of the International Cycling Union, Pat McQuaid has secured Cycling Ireland's nomination to stand for a third term.wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes) The 2014 IPC Powerlifting World Championships will be held in Dubai, UAE between April 5-11wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes)

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spotlight on: Just how much do politics play a part in elite sport?.... sometimes called 'Back Pedalling'

Focusing on cycling where politics is often on the top of the agenda, the Swiss Cycling Federation has withdrawn its nomination for Pat McQuaid.

Brian Cookson, and UCI Presidential Candidate, has issued the following statement: “This latest development is of real significance to the Presidential election process. It leaves Mr McQuaid in a very difficult position, particularly when viewed alongside his failure to receive a nomination from his own national federation as required under the constitution of the UCI. It also places further question marks against his other 'nominations' whose validity is in serious doubt and remain a matter of genuine concern to many in the cycling world. No attempts at manipulation and legal bluster can take away the doubts and questions. The important principle in any democracy is that you must respect the rules as they are, not how you'd like them to be. My hope remains that we have a democratic process based on the rules of the race when it started rather than those made up half way through.

“For my part I remain focussed on setting out the policies and the vision that I believe is needed for the UCI and the sport of cycling to move forward. I am proud of the total support I have from my own federation, British Cycling, and the growing support I am receiving from the international cycling community as this election unfolds.”

The UFC is coming to UK and Irish screens with a 400-hour broadcast deal that will showcase mixed martial events. The deal with BT's new sports channels fits another slot as part of the ambitions of British Telecom as a new rights to view brand.
The upside of the introduction of the sport to the British public is the fact that kids and adults alike can train together while sharing the integrity and discipline of the sport.

This young pretender of a sport has large followings in a number of countries including Brazil with more than 30 million viewers tuning in on a regular basis.

2nd September 2013: Commenting on the news that five national cycling federations have asked the UCI to seek a judgement from the Court of Arbitration for Sport on the interpretation of the UCI Constitution relating to the nomination of Presidential Candidates, Brian Cookson said: "I can totally understand the desire by a number of National Federations to seek clarity on the UCI Constitution in relation to the nominating procedure and how this applies to the current Presidential election. Given the nature of the controversy it does make sense to have this matter adjudicated by CAS so that we can have a sound and fair election that is also genuinely robust.”

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hot spot:
the "big" legacy question around the world

The Pan American Sports Organization named La Punta (Argentina), Santiago (Chile), Lima (Peru) and Puerto Ordaz (Venezuela) as the four cities bidding for the 2019 Pan Am Games.

Each city is vying for its first Pan Am hosting duties, (although Venezuela and Argentina have each hosted the event before).

While the cudos of The Pan American Games has decreased in value over the past 30 years, as the United States and Canada have shied away from sending their best swimmers to the meet, the continent has a higher profile as a result of Brazil hosting the World Cup and the Olympics.  And water polo is the one sport that consistently features top-flight competition at the Pan American Games.

In terms of the host city race Santiago and Lima appear to have the edge over La Punta and Puerto Ordaz.  Both are capital cities, with better infrastructure and transportation and access to more financial resources for funding the construction of venues.

The Games have been held in Central and South America 12 of 17 times, with the United States last hosting the event in 1987 in Indianapolis. Canada is set to host the event for the third time in Toronto in the next iteration of the Pan American Games in July 2015. That event will likely not feature the top aquatic sports stars, as the FINA world championships in Russia will start in the middle of the Pan American Games festivities.


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hot shot:the must have roof

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The United States Tennis Association (USTA) has announced that the Arthur Ashe Stadium will be getting a retractable roof as part of an extensive redevelopment project at Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. The US$550m project will also include the construction of two new stadium facilities.

The project, which will be implemented in three phases, will begin following the conclusion of the 2013 US Open, with the aim to complete in time for the 2018 US Open. The retractable roof over Arthur Ashe Stadium, which is estimated to cost some US$100m, is scheduled for completion in August 2017.

“We have been working towards a viable design for a roof on Arthur Ashe Stadium for more than a decade,” said USTA Chairman of the Board and President Dave Haggerty. “Through a long and arduous process, we feel that we now have a design that meets the criteria of being architecturally sound, aesthetically pleasing, reasonably affordable, and buildable.”

Phase one of the project will also involve shifting the existing practice courts and two tournament courts to the north. This will enable the construction of an expanded viewing area for the practice courts and the three new tournament courts.

The retractable roof is being designed by Rossetti, which also designed the Arthur Ashe Stadium. Hunt Construction Group has been hired to build the retractable roof structure. The roof will comprise flexible, translucent PTFE fabric stretched over a steel frame, and will be supported by eight steel columns.

The project’s final phase will include the construction of a new 15,000-seat stadium. The USTA expects final design for Louis Armstrong Stadium to be completed in the next 12 to 18 months. The completion date is set for August 2018.

As a result of these upgrades, the NTC will be able to accommodate an extra 10,000 people each day during the US Open, increasing attendance by approximately 100,000 new visitors.


Sidelines:   Tin-Tin to challenge in Europe Top 10....  not to be confused with the famous 4-legged explorer!

Table Tennis English Cadet No.1, Tin-Tin Ho, has become the latest home-grown player to be selected for the Europe Youth Top 10 tournament, which takes place in Terni, Italy on September 20-22, 2013

The 14-year-old, who will turn 15 shortly before the tournament begins, has become the first female qualifier since Joanna Parker finished sixth in Mulgetta, Italy in 2005.

Her selection is no real surprise after spending the entire season in the European Top 10, even leading the rankings for a short period of time earlier in the year.

Her three medals at the recent European Youth Championships (Singles bronze, Doubles silver and Mixed silver) were a further reminder of her prodigious talent that has seen her triumph twice on the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) Cadet Singles circuit in the Portuguese Youth Open 2011 as well as a convincing win over the world number 1 cadet to win the French Youth Open in 2012.

She starts the round-robin tournament as the fourth seed behind firm favorite Marie Migot of France and her fellow European team mates Adina Diaconu from Romania and Maria Malanina from Russia.

Tin-Tin, from Paddington, London, started playing table tennis at the age of 5 and is currently the cadet, junior and under-21 National champion as well as being ranked number 4 in Europe in the cadet rankings. She said: "I am very happy to have been selected for the European Youth Top 10, I am always really excited to represent my country especially as this will be my last European cadet tournament where I will be facing the best competition that Europe has to offer"

The English Table Tennis Association (ETTA) is the governing body of table tennis in England, responsible for representing, coordinating, administering, regulating, promoting, marketing and developing the sport. Some 2.4 million people play table tennis within the UK (British Market Research Bureau). The European Youth Top 10 tournament was established in 1985 in its original format as a Top 12 tournament. The format is a round-robin tournament which sees the top 10 ranked players in Europe for their age group compete in what is considered the most prestigious and hardest to win youth tournament in Europe. This year this tournament will take place in Terni, Italy. Last years tournament was held in Romania and was won by Audrey Zarif of France. This will be Tin-Tins first time in this particular competition.

Transformation  of the London Olympic Stadium

fashion icon.....  wpe306.jpg (9382 bytes)

Sport- a Platform for Bolt, Mo and the rest of the sporting greats

The 3rd International Forum on Sport for Peace and Development opened in New York with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) honoring United Nations (UN) Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon with the Olympic Order.
The award was in recognition of the UN Secretary-General’s strong personal commitment to use sport as a tool for social change, a concept brought to life through various joint IOC-UN projects at community level. It was also under Mr Ban that the IOC received UN observer status in 2009.
The UN Secretary-General and IOC President Jacques Rogge delivered keynote speeches at the Forum, held for the first time at the UN headquarters. President Rogge said: “As we meet here today, sport is at work for peace and development in countries around the world. Collaboration in this area has increased dramatically and involves a wide range of committed partners.” He added: “The relationship between the IOC and the UN goes back many years. Our organizations have two very different roles in society, but we share some core values.” UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said: “The link between sport, peace and development grows stronger by the year. It can be traced back in history to the original Olympic Truce, which guaranteed safe passage to athletes and other travellers attending the ancient Games. It is found in the bidding requirements for modern Olympic host cities, which are asked to provide a durable social and environmental legacy. And it is evident throughout the United Nations system, which has embraced sport as a valuable vehicle for reaching our peace and development objectives. The International Olympic Committee is a key partner.”
The 2-day International Forum on Sport for Peace and Development took place in early June at the UN headquarters in New York in 2013. Jointly organized by the IOC and the UN Office on Sport for Development and Peace (UNOSDP), with the support of the United States Olympic Committee (USOC), the event aims to assess the successes and challenges of past initiatives and looks at how to pave the way for future concerted action in these fields. This year’s theme is “Creating a Common Vision”, and one of the outcomes will be a declaration by all participants that will provide a roadmap in this area for the next two years.

The two leaders also initiated the start of work on a permanent sports exhibition in the UN building during a ribbon-cutting ceremony. The exhibition will enable visitors from all over the world to better understand the role of sport in human development and the promotion of peace.

home and away:
the next new or returning sports to enter the fray to be included in the Olympic Games in 2020 and 2024 Games

Welcome back to wrestling

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The IOC Executive Board meetings in St Petersburg will take place between May 29 and 31, 2013

During the three days, the EB will meet with the Summer Olympic International Federations (ASOIF) and the International Olympic Winter Sports Federations (AIOWF). It will hear reports on the IOC’s latest activities and receive updates on preparations for the forthcoming Olympic Games: Sochi 2014, Rio de Janeiro 2016 and PyeongChang 2018.

Most importantly for many sports the revolving door selection process of potential sports due for inclusion in future Games will be announced on Wednesday 29 May.  The eight candidate sports (baseball/softball, karate, roller sports, sport climbing, squash, wakeboarding, wrestling and wushu) will compete for possible inclusion as an additional sport in the 2020 and 2024 Games.  The sports will have competed for inclusion and they will present to the EB. The EB will then decide which of the eight sports to recommend to the 125th IOC Session for inclusion.

sport culture:
EN00517A.gif (949 bytes)the USA is back in the Game!

USOC continues to consider the Olympic potential of about ten American cities, chairman Larry Probst said officials will keep a keen eye on the competition but.... has the game plan changed out of all recognition

Whether the stats for the cultural Olympiad in London will be exceeded by the stats in Rio will be an open debate until the curtain drops on the closing of the Paralympic Games.

Rio is regarded as the city that hosts many of the largest and most glamorous cultural events around the world.  And while impressive data showcases the best of London 2012 will Rio claim first place in the cultural stakes

The Cultural Olympiad in London achieved some impressive results.  Over half a million people visited Tower Bridge with its 5 Olympic rings lighting up the skyline. The London 2012 Festival was the arts and cultural centrepiece of the Games and the events were seen by 37.4 million visitors and 5.9 million Londoners and international cultural organizations participated in the arts and cultural program - although it should be said that many of the highlights were focused around elite cultural programming rather than showcasing the local talent  - a lesson that may be learnt when Rio2016 comes to town!

On the downside only 29 percent of the population had heard of the cultural Olympiad post Games. This figure rode to 40 percent in London.... not too impressive!

And the kids were alos doing their thing!...... as an example:

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has launched its competition offering fans and young designers the opportunity to make Olympic history by designing the medal for the Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games. People all over the world will be able to submit their entries via the website http://www.medaldesigncompetition.com/ until 30 November 2013. An IOC judging panel featuring the world-renowned designer, Thomas Heatherwick, and sports names such as Olympic short track speed skating champion Yang Yang and Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games 400m hurdles champion Aurélie Chaboudez, will select a winning design and two runners-up in December. The winning design will then feature on the face of the gold, silver and bronze medals awarded in Nanjing from 16 to 28 August 2014. The winning designer will win a trip to Nanjing 2014 which includes tickets to the Opening Ceremony, as well as a full collection of medals featuring their design.

Key dates:

• Design submissions will be accepted from 2 September to 30 November 2013.
• The jury will meet in Lausanne to select a winner and two runners-up on 11 December 2013.
• The winner will be announced in December 2013

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A Worldwide call from basketball superstar Kobe Bryant has highlighted the the importance of getting active on Olympic Day June 23, 2013. Bryant has joined forces with the International Olympic Committee and posted a short video on YouTube and other social media platforms. 

The two-time gold medallist with the US men’s basketball team has called on people everywhere to lace up their running shoes, don their sweatbands and take part in any physical activity they desire. And Kobe, who is currently recovering from recent surgery to repair an injured Achilles tendon, asked people to make a special effort on his behalf.

“I can’t run, I can’t jump and I can’t swim yet,” Kobe said. “So I need you guys to pick up the slack for me and be doubly active.”

Every year hundreds of thousands of people around the world take part in Olympic Day events – and this year the IOC is asking people to take a picture of their sporting activity and post it on social media. The best photograph will win the lucky person a trip to Switzerland, the home of the Olympic Movement in Lausanne and the refurbished Olympic Museum, which reopens later this year. (Details of the competition and how to enter below).

TN00605A.gif (2512 bytes)For 65 years the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and its partners in the Olympic Movement have been encouraging people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to get active on Olympic Day.

Today, Olympic Day has evolved to become a key date in the Olympic Movement’s calendar, and has gained momentum worldwide with almost 4 million participants from around the world and over 150 National Olympic Committees (NOCs) taking part last year. It is an opportunity to encourage the young and not-so-young, regardless of their sporting ability and their background, to get moving, learn about the benefits of physical activity, discover new sports and reflect on the Olympic values of excellence, friendship and respect.

Many of our 204 NOCs will be organizing educational, cultural and sporting activities under the motto “Move, Learn and Discover.” Please consult www.olympic.org/olympicday for more information on Olympic Day activities happening near you.

starting blocksPE03257A.gif (4096 bytes) and then there were SIX candidates

Six candidates to run for IOC presidency as Jaques Rogge, President of the IOC steps down after around 8 years in the role, six candidates have thrown their hats into the ring to compete in the election for the Presidency of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) at the 125th IOC Session on 10 September 2013 in Buenos Aires.
The six – Thomas Bach, Sergey Bubka, Richard Carrión, Ser Miang Ng, Denis Oswald, and Ching-Kuo Wu – officially announced their candidacies by the deadline of midnight on 6 June.
The candidates will present their programmes, in camera, to the full IOC membership on the occasion of the Extraordinary IOC Session in Lausanne on 3 and 4 July 2013.

Whether this battle for the Presidency will be a fight to the death, or a slam dunk deal will be hard to predict.  Certainly the candidates will be expected to deliver their program for the future of the IOC and perhaps the potential game changer - integrating the IOC and the IPC?

life after: life after: life after:life after:life after:.........


British Athletics Series 2013

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and the next round of PE01799A.gif (1627 bytes)classification - all change?

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) launched its Classification Code Review process this month, encouraging all the Paralympic Movement's stakeholders to suggest reasonable amendments to the current Code.

The IPC Classification Code was adopted by the IPC Governing Board in 2007 and provides policies and procedures for Paralympic classification that should be common to all sports and to the Paralympic Games.

This Code aims to contribute to sporting excellence for all athletes in the Paralympic Movement by providing equitable competition through classification processes that are robust, transparent and fair.

Peter Van de Vliet, IPC Medical and Scientific Director, said: "The IPC Classification Code is one of the basics of para-sport, through which each sport commits to the development of sport-specific and evidence-based classification systems. This is achieved by identifying eligible impairments specific to each sport, describing accurate methods of sport-specific assessment of athletes, and detailing classification policies and procedures.

"Feedback from our stakeholders on this Code is vital and will only help us strengthen classification across sports for the future."

With continued development of classification, the IPC Governing Board recognizes the need for a review of the Classification Code, which will include two consultation rounds.

The first round will run from 1 June-30 September 2013, and the second round will run the same dates but in 2014.

Following each consultation round, the feedback will be reviewed by the IPC Classification Committee and the IPC Governing Board. Following the first consultative round, a first draft of the modified IPC Classification Code will be circulated to the membership for the second consultation round.

The modified Code will be presented by the IPC Governing Board as a motion at the 2015 IPC General Assembly, and the amendments will take effect within one year of approval.

and the next round of  PE01799A.gif (1627 bytes)elections all change?

The International Paralympic Committee has announced the names of the candidates who will stand for election to the IPC Governing Board at November's IPC General Assembly in Athens, Greece.

In total 31 nominations for 28 candidates - two for President, two for Vice President and 27 for Member at Large positions - have been accepted for the elections that will take place on 24 November. Three candidates have been nominated for two positions although can only be elected for one position.

The IPC Governing Board will consist of one President, one Vice President and 10 Members at Large and all will be elected by the IPC membership which consists of National Paralympic Committees, International Sport Federations, International Organisations of Sport for the Disabled (IOSDs) and Regional Organisations. In addition to the elected members, Todd Nicholson, Chairperson of the IPC Athletes' Council and Xavier Gonzalez, IPC Chief Executive Officer, are ex-officio members of the Governing Board.

The nominees for all roles, listed in alphabetical order, are as follows (Nationality and nominating body in brackets):

For IPC President (one to be elected)
* Sir Philip Craven (GBR - NPC Great Britain)
* Alan Dickson (GBR - CPISRA)

For IPC Vice President (one to be elected)
* Ann Cody (USA - NPC USA)
* Andrew Parsons (BRA - NPC Brazil)

For IPC Members at Large (10 to be elected)
* Zainal Abidin Abu Zarin (MAS - NPC Malaysia)
* Saad Alazma (KUW - NPC Kuwait)
* Mohamed Alhameli (UAE - NPC United Arab Emirates)
* Masoud Ashrafi Khozani (IRI - NPC Iran)
* Michael Barredo (PHI - IBSA)
* Prof. Jose Luis Campo (ARG - NPC Argentina)
* Ann Cody (USA - NPC USA)
* Alan Dickson (GBR - CPISRA)
* Abass Ben Djobo (TOG - NPC Togo)
* Rita van Driel (NED - NPC Netherlands)
* Monday Ochuko Emoghavwe (NGR - NPC Nigeria)
* Ali Harzallah (TUN - NPC Tunisia)
* Anne d'leteren (BEL - NPC Belgium)
* Patrick Jarvis (CAN - NPC Canada)
* Duane Kale (NZL - NPC New Zealand)
* Ratko Kovacic (CRO - NPC Croatia)
* Vladimir Lukin (RUS - NPC Russia)
* Jairus Mogalo (KEN - NPC Kenya)
* Kyung-won Na (KOR - NPC Korea)
* Andrew Parsons (BRA - NPC Brazil)
* John Petersson (DEN - NPC Denmark)
* Dr. Karl Quade (GER - NPC Germany)
* Leonel da Rocha Pinto (ANG - NPC Angola)
* Miguel Sagarra (ESP - NPC Spain)
* Wesley Worrell (BAR - NPC Barbados)
* Yasushi Yamawaki (JAP - NPC Japan)
* Jia Yong (CHN - NPC China)

All nominations have been reviewed against the criteria and conditions for nominations in accordance with the IPC rules and regulations. An IPC Electoral Commission was appointed consisting of Linda Mastandrea, Chairperson, and Mike Peters and Carla Qualtrough as Members. All three are members of the IPC Legal and Ethics Committee and will ensure that all candidates adhere to the IPC Code of Conduct for Candidates to Governing Board Election between now and 24 November when the elections take place.

Xavier Gonzalez, IPC Chief Executive Officer, said: "Announcing the names of all candidates for the IPC Governing Board elections effectively acts as the starting gun for the campaigning to begin. And once again we are pleased with the number of nominations from the IPC membership and the geographical spread which sees all five continents putting forward candidates."

On 22 November in Athens, two days prior to the election, each candidate will have the opportunity to make a presentation on their candidate to the IPC membership attending the IPC Conference.

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coming up

sponsors the following event

The Global Triathlon Conference
September 10-12, London, UK
"Growth and Globalization of Triathlon"
10-12 September, 2013 at the Hilton London Metropole
London, UK
is your opportunity to join the premier global gathering of leaders of the triathlon business community. Enjoy three days of learning, networking and fun at the newly Hilton London Metropole, next door to all the events surrounding the ITU World Championship activities in Hyde Park.

If you would like to purchase a sponsors slot please email



A future for the London 2012 venues?


1    what will happen to the Aquatics Centre?
a. it will be knocked down; b. the pool will be restored to the original Zaha Hadid design; c.it will be relocated to Blackpool
2.  what will happen to the Velodrome?
a.  the roof will be removed; b. a one mile outdoor road cycle circuit will be added; c. it will be taken over by two of the local schools
3.  what will happen to Eton Manor?
It will be converted into a Hockey and Tennis Centre b.  it will be converted into a facility for 8 covered courts ; c. it will be turned into a mini golf facility
4.  what will happen to The Olympic Stadium?
a.  It will become a football ground; b. it will reduce its capacity to 60,000; c. both a and b
5.  what will happen to the Olympic Handball Arena?
It will be relocated to Dubai; b. it will be transformed into a squash centre; c. it will be converted into a multi-purpose facility
6.  what will happen to the Media and Broadcast Centre?
a.  The BBC will take over the facility b. it will be transformed into a School for Journalism; c. It will become an IT high-tech hub
7.  what will happen to Riverbank Arena?
a.  It will be dismantled; b. it will moved to Sheffield; c. it will be moved 50 yards down the road
8.  what will happen to The Olympic Village?
a.  It will be turned into social housing; b. it will be converted into rentals; c. both a and b
9.  what will happen to The Water Polo and Basketball venues?
a.  they will be demolished; b. they will be relocated to Qatar; c. they will become permanent sports venues
10. Are Rio 2016 planning more temporary venues than London?

a.  Yes; b. No c. Don't know yet

answers below

wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes) the security process for major events ups its game

The Buenos Aires Organising Committee for the latest IOC Session has coordinated with the relevant authorities in Argentina and at “Ministro Pistarini international airport in Buenos Aires to streamline the process for the media travelling to Buenos Aires.
Argentina has specific and strict regulations relating to the temporary import and use of media equipment so take note of the following:.

Arrival procedure for media

1. Prior to departure, media who are importing equipment for use during the IOC Session, such as television cameras, pho....tographic equipment, and other related broadcast technical equipment, should complete the Temporary Import of Equipment Affidavit

2. Upon arrival at “Ministro Pistarini” (Ezeiza) international airport in Buenos Aires, media should proceed to immigration, where they will find a special Olympic Family Fast Track line for attendees of the IOC Session, including media. The Fast Track line will be clearly indicated by signs with the Olympic rings.

3. Accredited media should carry with them a printed or digital copy of the confirmation email they received from the IOC that their accreditation was approved, as well as proof that they are affiliated with the specific media organisation.

4. After immigration, media should collect their luggage from the carousel.

5. Media who are not carrying equipment with them can proceed directly through Customs.

6. Media who are carrying equipment with them should proceed directly through Customs and look for the sign IOC MEDIA. Here Customs personnel and SIMEX (Customs Broker) will check the affidavit and prepare the temporary admission of equipment (if the form has not been completed or has been left behind, it can be completed on the spot). Estimated process time: 30 minutes.

7. It is recommended that media who will be going through this process supply their arrival details, date, flight number and time in advance so as to expedite this process. Email details to: 125iocsession@simex.com.ar.

8. Once completed, media should then proceed through Customs.

The Departure procedure requires similar attention to the detail for media who have imported equipment. They should cancel the affidavit to avoid Customs penalties and fines; and reconfirm by email the date and time of departure from Argentina to the following address:

wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes)wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes)IEC in sports and Business Concepts and Sponsorship Division (BCS) have announced an agreement with the World Fly Fishing Championship 2013 (11-18 August). The agreement includes TV production, sponsorship sales, media rights distribution on a worldwide basis as well as event supervising.

AN00020A.gif (1492 bytes) 
In case you did not know, The World Fly Fishing Championship is one of the largest international sports events to be held in the northern part of Norway with 27 national teams from all continents. The fishermen will compete three days in three rivers and two lakes.

" Showing the sport aspects of fly-fishing together with its natural elegance in spectacular scenery will make this an interesting TV product. A similar TV production has not yet been done, it´s also a sport with increasing interest.

The International Competitive Sport Association (CIPS) has over 50 million members world wide

wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes)wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes)wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes) It's a man's world!

To say that the sports world is a man's world is not far from the truth and so shortsandsports always chooses to highlight some of the discrepancies between the sexes. 

So who is the fastest Jamaican sprinter?  Usain Bolt of course!  We all know his times, his team mates and his podium successes.... but can you speak so fluently about the other Jamaican 100 metre star.  Just how much do you know about the diminutive Shelley-Ann Fraser Pryce who ran the 100 metres in 2012 in 10.70 seconds. At just around 5 feet in height this 'pocket rocket' is only one of three women to have retained the 100 metre title..... so go ahead... do your research

wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes)wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes)wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes)wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes) Stoke Mandeville

To mark the anniversary of the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Paralympic Games, the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) will be holding an event at Stoke Mandeville Stadium.

The event will include:

The unveiling of a giant Agitos at Stoke Mandeville Hospital to mark Stoke Mandeville's role as the birthplace of the Paralympic Movement.and an announcement on the IPC and Stoke Mandeville's role in future Paralympic Torch relays.

wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes)wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes)wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes)wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes)wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes) When Women don't count!

Sadly the UN has cancelled Gaza's version of the London Marathon due to the fact that Hamas has banned women from competition.

The Palestinian territory is almost exactly Marathon length from the start to end of the race.

Last year both sexes participated but this year the Palestine Authorities have taken a massive step backwards.

wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes)wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes)wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes)wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes)wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes)wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes)
wpe304.jpg (6404 bytes)

Goal-line technology (GLT) will be used at this year's Confederations Cup and the 2014 World Cup after FIFA launched a tender process for proposals from companies interested in fulfilling the contract for its showpiece competitions.

The announcement came after the International Football Association Board (IFAB) gave the green light to the introduction of GLT by approving the Hawk-Eye and GoalRef systems, which were subsequently given their most high-profile tests to date at the 2012 Club World Cup venues in Toyota and Yokohama.

FIFA said the systems were successfully implemented at last December's tournament, but they also added an additional two companies that are close to joining Hawk-Eye and GoalRef in securing FIFA licences. A third system, developed in Germany, has already passed the necessary tests with the providers in licensing discussions, while another German system has also been tested with the results due this week.

wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes)wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes)wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes)wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes)wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes)wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes)wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes)  WB01361_.gif (611 bytes)
Revisiting skateboarding

The possibility of re-visiting skate-boarding as an Olympic sport comes at the same time as a major discussion is taking place as to whether the area along the South Bank of London's River Thames and home to London's street skateboarders may be replaces by a new build extension of The National Theatre on the Southbank.  Fans of what was the more street aspects of London are protesting that this small area along the river will lose its appeal as part of the more "street" side of the local area. 

wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes)wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes)wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes)wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes)wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes)wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes)wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes)wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes)

The highly anticipated WSB match between the Cuba Domadores and the Mexico Guerreros was the first time in fifty one years that Cuban boxers received official permission to compete in pro-style boxing from the country's authorities. All questions about the ability of the Cubans to make the adjustment to the pro-style game now appear to have been answered. For instance when Yosbany Veitia became the first Cuban to box more than three rounds in half a century he still looked fresh after the five rounds that are contested in the WSB as standard. The same was true for the rest of the team. Not only did the Domadores cope with the extra rounds but they also dealt with the significant physiological demands of boxing at altitude in Mexico City.

The opening bout between Joselito Velazquez of the Mexico Guerreros and Yosbany "El Diablo" Veitia at Light Flyweight (49kg) set the tone for the evening. Veitia, the 2011 world bronze medallist was looking for revenge on his Mexican opponent for the surprise defeat the Guerreros boxer inflicted on him in the finals of the 2011 Pan American Championships. Although the bout last night was a close run affair, with both boxers displaying dazzling skills at times, perhaps there was a certain amount of poetic justice in the fact that Veitia was able to take the win. As the first Cuban permitted to box pro-style since 1962, he and his result will now go down in the history annals of the sport. But it was not the landslide victory that many had predicted, with the Mexican Guerreros, who reached the semi-finals of the WSB in Season III, putting up a strong performance. And Irish boxer Conrad Cummings, pulled out an excellent win for the Guerreros when he beat 2008 Olympic silver medallist Carlos Banteur at Middleweight (-75kg), proving that the Cubans aren't invincible.

Indications that the Cubans might also be struggling with adjusting to the removal of head gear also became apparent when a clash of heads saw Flyweight (-52kg) Mexican boxer Emigdio getting a cut above his left eye. This resulted in him winning the bout through TKO in round three. The Cubans will need to look closely at their style to allow for this change in the future, especially since from October all male elite AIBA Open Boxing (AOB -formerly known as amateur boxing) bouts will also be contested without head guards. Having edged out a strong Mexican Guerreros side by three bouts to two, the Cuban Domadores team now go into the final day of the match with a slight lead. Can they hold on or will the Mexicans bounce back?

wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes)wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes)wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes)wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes)wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes)wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes)wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes)wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes)wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes)

Discovering any "cracks" in the infrastructure are best identified asap. The stadium - that is currently leased to local football club Botafogo is being utilized as the city’s main football venue while the Maracana stadium undergoes redevelopment for the Fifa World Cup in 2014.
“They informed me that the roof has structural problems,” said the Mayor of Rio, Eduardo Paes, at a recent press conference. “I asked whether this represented a risk for spectators and they told me it did, depending on the wind speed and temperature. On that basis, I immediately decided to close the stadium until we receive more information. It’s simply unacceptable that a stadium which was inaugurated such a short time ago now has to face this sort of situation.”

But it should come as no suprise to the tried and tested members of the IOC as these dramas - and subsequent warnings from the great and the good etc. are all part of the process of hosting major sporting events

wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes)wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes)wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes)wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes)wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes)wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes)wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes)wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes)wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes)

The International Olympic Committee’s Coordination Commission for the Lillehammer 2016 Youth Olympic Games (YOG) concluded their second successful visit and they were very impressed with the Organizing Committee’s LYOGOC) progress on building the foundations for an “unforgettable” event.

During two days of informative meetings held in Gjovik - which will host the short track events in 2016 - LYOGOC shared with the Commission their ambitious and exciting vision for delivering an event ‘for young people, by young people’ based on their core values: “playful and determined”, “awesome and humble”.

Staying true to these values, this small team have brought on new members of staff – namely Financial Controller, Head of Culture and Education Program and Head of Games Operations – connecting key stakeholders with a strong network of external experts.

The Commission, chaired by Olympic ice hockey champion Angela Ruggiero, was also pleased to receive presentations on the overall concept of the Culture and Education Programme, legacy commitments, a review of the Venue Master Plan and a first overview of the Marketing and Communications plans. Also of particular note, LYOGOC gave an update on the Youth Olympic Village, which received a green light for construction ahead of schedule, while construction of the ice hockey training venue is well on track.
According to the team, “The IOC is in no doubt they will deliver an unforgettable experience for the young participants, local youth and beyond and we look forward to going on this journey with them.”

Other Commission members present included Olympic skeleton racer Adam Pengilly and two-time Olympic champion short track skater Yang Yang, who had particularly fond memories of Gjovik as the location of her first ever World Championships in 1995.

wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes)wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes)wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes)wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes)wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes)wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes)wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes)wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes)wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes)wpe73.jpg (6828 bytes)

wpe2A5D.jpg (5489 bytes)

Work to transform the stadium in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park into a year round multi-use venue has officially begun. In contracts worth over £67m (US$104.8m), London Legacy Development Corporation, on behalf of the E20 Stadium, has started the work through contractor Carey’s, who began by removing 25,000 seats and the grass field of play to prepare the ground for Balfour Beatty Group to start taking down the existing roof later in the autumn.

A new roof – twice the size of the original at around 45,000m2 – will then be built and lifted into position by spring 2015. It will cover every seat in the ground and improve the acoustics and spectator experience for football matches, other sporting events and concerts.

Spring 2015 will also see the installation of concessions, toilets, turnstiles and hospitality areas and the laying of the pitch for the five Rugby World Cup matches that will take place at the stadium between September and October 2015



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